Monday, 2 December 2013

Preliminary task & evaluation

Preliminary task evaluation

For our preliminary task we filmed Sophie and Shannon. For this task we used a camera and a tripod. 
The preliminary task went well and we managed to get all eight shots done. 

A few of the problems we had whilst filming was that there were people in the hallway that we were filming in. This could be avoided in our real opening scene filming by making sure public know that this is a filming area by putting up signs, or filming in a place that is less populated.

Another of our problems that we came across was that the tripod we choose to use was broken, so when we can to use it for the panning shot, it didn't work as well and we had to hold the camera on top of the tripod so that we could use it. To avoid this when we are filming out opening scene we will test our tripod first before we take it out of school to use it.

However with this said, the filming shots taken with the tripod did turn out well and weren't shaky. However, some of the shots were shaky and would need redoing if we were to be doing our opening scene. Therefore for each of our shots we will take them more than once so we have at least two shots to choose out of when we are editing all our opening scene shots together.

The eight shots have been added so that they are all in the right order and also so that the colours are correct in each scene so that you can see whats going on. The cropping also went well and i managed to be able to get the shots so that they flow together in sequence. 

When it came to editing the preliminary task, there was a problem with the lighting on three of the shots, therefore i had to use a colour balance on the shots which meant i could make them lighter by editing the colours that were used in the shots. To avoid this issue when we are filming our real opening scene, we will make sure we bring lights to our filming area so that it wont be too dark and we wont have to result in needing to edit the colour balance on each scene.

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