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Genres and sub genres

Genres and sub-genres

Psychological thriller is a sub-genre by itself, however it fits under the genre of horror and thriller. The themes in a psychological thriller are: reality, perception, mind, existence, identity, death and black comedy. This sub-genre differs from the main genre because the sub-genre is more specific and talks about how it is about mental people instead of just being a thriller or a horror which suggests its about something scary and that’s all. A psychological thriller isn’t just a horror or something to scare you, its deeper and makes you think, causing you to feel an emotional connection to the characters.

As a psychological thriller is the most typical of thriller, it means that it is implemented into all the sub-thriller genres, this type of subgenre makes the film suspenseful as it shows the mentality of a character and the thought process that they go through.

Here are some examples of types of sub-genres contain the sub-genre ‘psychological thriller':

Sub-genres like psychological thriller would be conspiracy thriller which is a type of genre that consists of some sort of hero or heroine who are stereotypically journalists or armature investigators who find themselves trapped in a very powerful organisation. The main character later finding out that to keep the company going the company will use lies and propaganda. This type of sub-genre is like ours because they are both making the audience question who is in the right and who you should trust and who you shouldn’t like in our psychological thriller where you constantly doubt the main character.

Another sub-genre a psychological thriller fits in with would be mystery thriller as a psychological makes you feel an element of mystery to what is wrong with the person who has the mental disorder and a mystery thriller usually gets into the psyche of the audiences as audiences act as if they are part of the film, trying to figure out who the villain is as they find out more information about the characters.

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