Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Soundtrack analysis

Soundtrack analysis

I will be doing a soundtrack analysis on the opening credits of the film Pi, because it is the same film genre to the film genre that i am doing which is a psychological thriller.

The start of the opening scene uses a quiet ringing noise, it starts off by being quiet, then it gets louder. This ringing noise could be used to show madness as if it is ringing inside someone's head, a noise that would drive you insane.

After the ringing noise gets slightly louder, digital sounds come in which make the sound strange as if it is computer generated, this could show that it could be because the film is about mathematics and being driven insane by work, and this soundtrack portrays that sense of confusion/frustration.

Next the computer generated soundtrack gets louder which could portray a sense of madness due to overwhelming thoughts. This is a good soundtrack to have in the opening of a psychological thriller as it gives off the idea of madness and the loss of mind.

When the music gets faster it makes the soundtrack sound as if it is losing control, much like someone would if they were losing their mind. It also sounds as if there is too much information for it to take in, sounding like you would expect a computer to sound if it could make music due to the electronic feel of it.

This is non-diegetic sound which means it is used to fit the mood of the film instead of being used to have emphasis on certain sounds such as sound effects. The soundtrack changes from being quiet, to getting louder and having electronic type sounds put in it, it then gets faster in speed and more electronic sounds enter. This increase of sound and speed shows the process of being driven insane, starting off sane and getting increasingly mad.

In our film we will be using a voice over for the majority of our filming, this is used to tell the story as it makes you connect further with the character. However we will also be using deep breathing noises and the sound of feet running, this will be used to build tension.

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