Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Preliminary task storyboard

Creating this storyboard allowed us to have an idea of how to plan our filming.
This also gave us something to stick to, so when we came to filming we knew exactly what shots to take so that we didn't miss any or take the wrong ones.

Evaluation of media product


Thursday, 6 March 2014

The schedules for filming

This is the first schedule for our film, this shows the date we will be filming. Not many people have started filming yet, however, I think it is necessary to film early due to our lack of experience with a camera, therefore we can have time to test our the camera and work on our film shots.

This is the second schedule for our film. As you can see, we have change the time of our filming to earlier as the previous one was too dark and didn't show up on camera. We decided here we will be filming the alleyway scenes at school instead and we will be using a tripod and camera. We will be using a Canon camera and Sony Tripod as a Sony tripod is light to carry and the Canon camera we find easier to use than digital cameras.

Here, we realised that there is no way that we could film when it has just starting getting dark. Therefore we have moved our schedule to filming on this date instead. I also understood that another person should play the role of Anna instead of Cliona. Therefore, I chose my sister as she was the best choice, due to her fitting the age group and being easily accessible.

Here is also the weather report for this particular date:

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Permission of tracks

For our film I chose two soundtracks. One was Muse - Super Massive Black Hole (karaoke version) and the other was a track used in order to build suspense.

Here is the link to the Karaoke Muse song that we used:

Before I added this song to my film, I thought it would be best if I firstly asked for permission from the YouTuber who uploaded it.

Here you can see where I asked in the comments whether I could or couldn't use this song:

Here is the link for the track we used for our film:

Here you can see the comment I added to the YouTube where I asked if I could use their track:


Preliminary task finished

Preliminary task link:

The Run Poster

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Editing the film

Editing the film took about 3 weeks to complete. The first thing I did was make all the shots we took shorter and further making them shorter by using the blade tool on final cut. It took a while, but I managed to put all of the shots into order so they all flowed together properly. However, whilst doing this I saw that there were gaps between each individual shot on final cut. Therefore, I researched how to get rid of them properly and found out that by right clicking on the mouse where the gap is it gives you the option to close the gaps.

After the gaps were closed I originally thought it would look good to put the titles over the graffiti wall, so it would look like the shots were actually on the wall. However, not having the equipment for this type of text made it difficult, therefore I used blade to cut out pieces of the shot of the graffiti wall and put titles in between them. So now instead we have an opening title in black and white showing the audience who produced the film which is the most important, then afterwards you get a shot of the graffiti wall, then back to the titles and etc. Though, I decided if we did this technique too much it would get boring for the audience to watch, and I wanted the opening scene to look fast paced in order to portray to the audience that this is a thriller that's action packed.

After a few shots of the opening title credits in black and white I overlapped the shot of the phone with a title that said who was starring in the movie. I wanted the title of the movie to stand out from the other titles from earlier, therefore I found a software called 3D movie, this allowed me to play around and create a title for our movie which is "The Run" I made a drop shadow and positioned the title so that it looked like it was leaning back. Once I finished creating the title, I opened it in final cut and got the shot where Anna Dylan is leaning against a wall. I added "cross dissolve" to all the text I used which meant it faded out before cutting into the next shot.

I decided that the opening sequence seemed boring without any other music playing. So I decided to use the song Muse - Supermassive Blackhole karaoke version. I got this link off of Youtube and inserted it into iTunes, then downloaded it into the opening sequence. I put the music at the start and edited it to fade out when the titles stop appearing and the voiceovers begin. From creating the questionnaire I found that the majority of people thought rock music was fitting to a Psychological thriller film, and as I enjoy listening to rock music already I didn't find it hard to chose a suitable song. I chose the song Supermassive Black Hole as it's fast paced which goes well with action theme within our movie. In the original version of the song, it includes singing which sounds like a whisper, this type of singing makes it sound like voices in someone's mind, furthermore portraying an element madness.

I next added a filter into the flashback shots to put them in black and white, this meant you can decipher the present day shots from the shots from the past. I also used the "fade in fade out" transition from the video effects in final cut. The fading in and out is meant to represent the audience entering her mind to see what she is seeing, I believe that this transition shows that well.

I did the voice overs for Anna Dylan, as the person who plays Anna Dylan is my sister, therefore we sound the same. For the voiceovers I used the voiceover recorder in Final Cut and used a blue snowball microphone. The problem with this microphone is that you had to speak loudly in order for it to hear you - but otherwise the voiceovers went well. In two of the shots where Robert Grayson speaking on the phone, you can hear the loud noise of the wind behind him. Therefore, to solve this, I deleted the sound track attached to the clip that had too loud wind, which got rid of the wind sound. However this means you get rid of the dialogue too. To solve this issue, I decided to get my dad who plays Richard Grayson to do a voiceover of this shot, although even though you were now able to hear him speak, it didn't sound natural. I copied some of the sound used in earlier frames and pasted it underneath my dads soundtrack, this meant that you could hear Richard Grayson speak due to the wind not being as loud, and it also sounded natural as I added in the sound of the wind blowing in the background of his voiceover.

Finally, my partner thought it would be a good idea to put music at the end of the opening scene to build suspense. Therefore, I went on YouTube to find a movie soundtrack for an action film. This is the one we decided to use: This soundtrack was made for people to use for their films.

I got this soundtrack onto iTunes, and then I put it onto final cut. Once it was in final cut, I cropped it so it would be shorter. The first part when you hear the music will be when she first sees Robert Grayson. You first hear the music here to show the audience that she is in danger. The music fades out when they have the conversation in the car, and dramatically builds up as she grabs the diary and runs away. To make the film more dramatic, I fitted the soundtrack in so that it finished along with the movie. However, I wanted the very end note of the soundtrack to be a loud bang as the cut off point as it sounds dramatic. Therefore, I took a particular part of the soundtrack and edited it in so that it fit in with the ending.