Thursday, 6 March 2014

The schedules for filming

This is the first schedule for our film, this shows the date we will be filming. Not many people have started filming yet, however, I think it is necessary to film early due to our lack of experience with a camera, therefore we can have time to test our the camera and work on our film shots.

This is the second schedule for our film. As you can see, we have change the time of our filming to earlier as the previous one was too dark and didn't show up on camera. We decided here we will be filming the alleyway scenes at school instead and we will be using a tripod and camera. We will be using a Canon camera and Sony Tripod as a Sony tripod is light to carry and the Canon camera we find easier to use than digital cameras.

Here, we realised that there is no way that we could film when it has just starting getting dark. Therefore we have moved our schedule to filming on this date instead. I also understood that another person should play the role of Anna instead of Cliona. Therefore, I chose my sister as she was the best choice, due to her fitting the age group and being easily accessible.

Here is also the weather report for this particular date:

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