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Our aim is to produce a psychological thriller. Our film will appeal to adults and will be completed by the 4th of November. We want our film to be gripping and exciting we want the audience to feel as if they are part of the story themselves and to feel strongly towards the main character. We aim to achieve this by giving the audience an insight to her life so that you feel as if you personally know the character, and to make the opening scene gripping we will be using non-diegetic sounds and also by adding diegetic sounds to add emphasis on certain noises which will help to build tension. We want our audience to get that this character has been wrongly accused, we also want the audience to understand that she is in danger and that they should feel sympathy toward her. We also want the audience grasp the moral of the story which is that you shouldn’t judge a person before you know what they’re really like, as in this context you learn that she actually doesn’t have paranoid schizophrenia.

Psychological thriller
Anna Dylan is the main character of our film who has run away from a mental institution. She is believed to have schizophrenia due to her  that someone is after her, therefore she runs away from the mental institution.
However due to the fact she has ran away from a mental institution the audience is lead to believe that she is mad and that no one is actually after her, however as the story progresses you find out that someone is really after her and that she is in danger, she isn’t mad.

The reason she is in the mental hospital is due to her being charged of a murder at the age of 12. However, she was framed by a real psychopath called Richard Grayson who works for the prime minister. However, Anna Dylan knows that she has the proof of the diary, therefore she runs from the mental institution to find it and prove her innocence.
Opening scene:

The opening scene will include enigma codes and realism. The realism in the opening scene will be that it is filmed in a place which the audience can relate to as it's an alleyway. The setting of the opening scene is also modern, not old fashioned or in a fantasy setting.

The opening credits will be shown first. They will be in black and white, and cut in with footage of a graffiti wall. You will then see a close-up of a phone which is a code, as it shows people that this phone must be an object of importance as it's the first shot you see. When she is typing on her phone, you will see titles come up by the side of her phone to tell you who is starring in the movie.
The next shot is a long shot of her typing on her phone. This tells you who was typing, and also what the character looks like. I found this shot to be blurry when I took it, however, I wanted to keep it in otherwise you wouldn't know who was texting. This shot is where the title comes up. I think it was important to put the title here as it shows you the character, a suggestion to why she is running is because she "needs help" which is what she types on her phone.

You then see her walking further into the alley, and looking round as if she is scared someone is after her. This is the first insight of what's happening and why she needs help. Once you see her in the alley, the voiceovers begin. The first voice over consists of her saying "im not mad - im not - I don't belong in a place like that" the worry on her face portrays how scared she is to the audience, furthermore making the audience feel sorry for Anna and sympathising with her. A sign of a mental institution then fades into shot. This shot is in black and white which is crucial otherwise the audience wouldn't know where she "doesn't belong" and what she is talking about.

Another voiceover is shown next, followed by a fading in of a diary shot shown which is a close-up. This is another crucial part to the opening scene as it shows you what she is looking for and why.

Anna then gets a call from someone. Due to the worried look on her face the audience are lead to believe that it will be the mental institution are after her, however, as I pan the camera you see that there is someone else behind her called Richard Grayson. The way the character dresses and how he speaks portrays him as being the antagonist of the movie. The panning of the camera to show Richard is an enigma as it draws in the audience to find out why he is after Anna.

Richard is wearing black which is a connotation to symbolise darkness within him as he's not a good person, allowing the audience to perceive him as the villain.

Richard takes Anna to his car and shows her that he has the dairy that was shown earlier on within a flashback. As Anna and Richard talk I used over the shoulder shots to show the other person, making it look like it is from the characters POV.

Non-diegetic music begins as Anna takes the diary from Richard while he is distracted. You then see a long shot from up high angled downwards of her running away with the dairy. The music ends on a loud note and then cuts of leaving a cliff hanger of what will happen next? will Richard catch up with her? will she be able to use the diary to prove her innocence?

Style and technical features

Horror movies:

Woman in black - already done in folder.


The hobbit opening scene =

Candle being lit is the first scene, then the candle being carried down a corridor, a voice over being used throughout.
Walks to the chest located at the end of the hall and opens it to retrieve the writing equipment.

Hobbit goes into a study, and sits down, looking at a picture of what seems to be his son (if you watched previous lord of the rings movies you will know that this is indeed his son), the voice over (narrative) explains to you that there is something that he needs to tell ‘Frodo’ his son that he hasn’t told him yet, and he sits down writing this story.

The fact that he sat down writing a story after saying he needs to tell Frodo something it tells you that what he is writing will later be given to his son.

Our film genre:
We have decided to choose thriller as our genre because we think that it will be fun and exciting to do. We have taken some of the ideas that were used in the hobbit and developed those ideas so that we can use them in our film.

Technical features:
These features in our opening scene would be:
Angle shots such as: long shot, medium shot, close up and extreme close ups. 
We will be filming during the day therefore we can see what we are filming and we will be able to spend longer on the film and use natural light instead of needed artificial lighting which would be too hard to get hold of.

We will be filming our opening scene in an Alleyway located in Burnham, we are filming it here as it’s a place that will portray how the character is feeling, dark and empty with a lonely feeling.
We will be filming the flashbacks in the street so it looks like she has been running from somewhere. This will be filmed just outside the alleyway on the street.

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