Wednesday, 20 November 2013


We were asked to make a two minute opening film, with a genre of our own choice. Firstly we looked at The Hobbit opening scene which is a fantasy film, from this film liked that they used narrating to tell the story. At this point we wanted to do a fantasy film genre as one of our favourite films is a fantasy film, therefore we thought it would be fun to do. However, once looking at films like Harry Potter, we realised that they used many special effects which would be hard to create for us.

Therefore we chose a different genre which interested us which was Horror. We decided to look at film openings such as Woman in black and Scream, this gave us ideas of what we could do for our opening scene. However, we realised that we liked the storyline for Woman in black as it wasn't just a simple slasher Horror movie, it was more complex which we wanted ours to be.

Therefore, from this we looked at sub-genres within Horror which included Psychological thrillers. This appealed to us as we liked the idea of having a mental institution and being able to introduce a complex character with a background. We also liked the idea of a psychological thriller as it would be fast paced and it contains elements of Horror such as a protagonist, antagonist and someone trying to discover who is behind the crimes.

We took many ideas from The Hobbit which is a fantasy movie as we liked how they narrated  over what they were doing to inform the audience what was happening, and also we took the idea of the object of importance being shown in the first shot in the opening scene.

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