Friday, 24 January 2014

Action and Horror films

Types of films

Horror films are unsettling movies that strive to make the audience feel the emotions of feardisgust and horror. Horror films are usually stereotypical, consisting of a villain, and an individual in particular that they are after. The earliest horror movies are usually based on gothic literature such as Dracula and Frankenstein. 

The more recent horror movies are usually not based on books, however they do chose to use many of the creatures that have featured in early horror literature.
Horror films usually deal with the fear of the unknown, fears and nightmares. Although the majority of it is about the supernatural some crime thrillers that use serial killer can also be as being under the horror genre category. 

The first horror film to ever be created is said to be "Le Manoir du Diable" or The House of the Devil" which was filmed by Georges Melies in 1896. This film was only 3 minutes long and was a silent film which is strange as most films tend to use diegetic and non diegetic sound to build tension.

Dracula released in February 1931 appeared three months before the end of hollywoods transition from silent to sound cinema according to However, many of the major horror movies originated from Germany, even most horror movies before the use of sound originated from Germany. 

The target audience for 


Action is a film genre where one or more heros have to deal with a number of challenges that require physical actions, such as fights and car chases. This particular genre developed in the 1970s, this genre is closely linked to adventure film and thriller, sometimes it may also include features of horror movies.

While action movies have largely featured in the movie production business,  The action genre has generally been aimed at male audiences, however, many action films have started to add in a female heroine so that women would be more interested in wanting to see the movie.

The target audience for action movies ranges within a wide range of people, therefore making it popular. Although many people who watch action movies are male, the age ranges from 16-50. Most action films can be divided into two, one being aimed at male teenagers, and one being aimed at older males. For example "The Hunger Games" was mainly aimed at teenagers as they have younger actors, whereas films like "Red 2" are aimed at an older audience as bruce willis stars, and is in the age range of an older audience, therefore an older audience can relate to the movie better. Women stereotypically aren't as interested in action films as fist fights and car chase scenes don't appeal to them as much.

Action movies usually take place in countries like the Caribbean or Italy to try and get the audience away from reality as much as possible, so they can get away from their normal everyday lives as much as they can. This also creates interesting establishing shots and locations that you wouldn't get in London and other city areas. Audiences usually aren't concerned about how action films can be far fetched (have less realism) as it means they get to see better car chases and more interesting locations.

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