Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The characters of our film

The character of this film was originally going to be Cliona (my partner in this movie), however we decided against that as she needed to film as well. Therefore we changed the character to be my sister Emma.

Emma playing the role of Anna Dylan:

Past experience: Has been involved in many plays in her past school such as crucible.

We chose to pick Emma for our film as we knew that she didn't mind getting her face in the film shots and we knew she would try her best in order to achieve the scenes we wanted to create.

We also knew that due to her past experience she would be good at acting, and she is confident doing so. Emma is also around the age range we wanted for our character, as our character is meant
to be a troubled teenager.

Emma is also my sister which means that it is convenient if we need to retake a shot because she lives with me.

Emma managed to use her facial expressions how we wanted her to when it came down to the close-ups and the medium shots, one of her best shots was a close up shot of her eyes which portrayed fear.

The character of our film is called Sharon Carr, this particular character was named after a real pyschopath who got put ion Broadmoor, the hospital for mentally unstable patients. I based my character on Sharon carr as Sharon Carr was the first youngest killer in Britian. However, the storyline written doesn't follow the one of her life. The real Sharon Carr murdered at the age of 12, therefore I will be using her age as the age something traumatic happened in her life.

Gordon playing the role of Richard Grayson:

I used my dad to play the role of the villain as the villain had to be in the age range of 30-50. Due to my dad being available to film, it was handy. My dad has been in a play at school when he was younger as well, however, he hadn't been in as big of a performance at school as my sister had.

My dad plays the character Richard Grayson who is based on a political figure called Thomas Newton from 1992. My dad was good at acting sinister and I thought he looked the part to play this particular character. To play the character my dad had to dress smartly due to his character working for the prime minister, and he had these clothes already from work. He also has a car which meant that he could use it whilst we filmed.

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