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Equipment list & shooting plans

Equipment list & shooting plans

Video camera (canon), Sony tripod, plain black clothing, phone, sign saying ‘mental institute’.

We will need the video camera in order to film the shots. The tripod will be used to take steady filming shots and also it will be used for panning shots. The plain tracksuit will be used for the characters outfit. We will be using a phone as the character in our film will need to text one of her friends, and she will also recieve a text saying that someone is after her. Finally, we will be making a sign that says ‘mental institute’ as it is one of the three flashbacks that will show the audience where she has come from.

As we have flashbacks in our opening scene, the two parts will be filmed on difference days, or at different times during the same day. This is going to be because the flashbacks are meant to be from earlier in the day when she ran away from the mental institution, therefore they need to be filmed in the daylight.
We will be filming the flashbacks next Saturday which will be the 7th of December, at 12:30am, this means it will be daylight when we film. We will spend 2 hours on this.
We will be filming the alleyway scenes next Saturday, 7th of December around half 5,
therefore it will be dark when we come to film. We will spend 3 hours on this.

The people involved will be myself and Cliona, Cliona will be the one being filmed and I will be the one filming. However when we film the flashbacks, Cliona will film some of the flashbacks such as feet running and the mental institution so that she will also get a chance to film.


For Anna Dylan's costume, I thought that it should be plain as she has just run away from a mental institution therefore she wouldn't have much of a range of clothes. The majority of what she is wearing is black. It's black to portray sadness and that she's not in a good place, instead of making her wear white which would portray her as innocent.

The idea was that as my sister has blonde hair and is pale, she looks innocent, however she is wearing black which symbolises death and sadness. Therefore, this shows that on the surface she may look like a villain, however underneath she is innocent as you can see by her face. The way she looks is a massive portrayal of the film itself as on the outside she looks like a villain like in our storyline, she is suggested to be to blame, however underneath she seems innocent, which in our film, she is.

From this picture you can see that she is wearing a hooded jumper which portrays her as a stereotypically bad teenager. She is also wearing a black scarf, this shows the audience that this must have been filmed while it was cold, giving them an idea of the setting. She is also wearing a mismatching coat, which shows that she hasn't been able to afford nice clothes, and that she isn't from a good area.

The character Richard Grayson needed to wear an outfit that looked like he had just come from work, showing him to be rich and in a high place of authority. The idea of him wearing smart clothes has also come slightly from the character Patrick Bateman who was in the film American Pyscho which I analysed. In the opening scene of American Pyscho Patrick Bateman talks about how what he wears is to make him look normal like he can fit in, so no one realises what he is truly like. The same applies for our character as we wanted him to look like a normal person so that the audience could relate and think of him as looking normal even though he really isn't.

Richard Grayson also wears a long coat with a collar, this smart coat makes him look more sinister. Also a lot of antagonists in movies seem to wear smart jackets or smart coats. For example, in this picture you can see a villain from the James Bond films who is wearing a smart jacket.

Risk assessment:

·        Equipment being knocked in the dark (lights, camera, tripod)

Severity of risk = 4/10

·        Loose wires if there is any.

Severity of risk = 6/10

·        Forgetting the equipment/equipment such as camera not being charged.

Severity of risk = 10/10

·        Tripod not working.

Severity of risk = 4/10

·        Someone knocking the camera.

Severity of risk = 4/10

·        Accident or injury.

Severity of risk = 9/10

·        Public walking in shots.

Severity of risk = 3/10
The highest risk within this is the equipment not working/not being charged. This would be a major consequence if we were to get the two characters in the location on a certain time then not be able to film. Therefore, to solve this I will make sure I charge the cameras before the day to make sure that it is ready to use. I will also test my camera at home before coming outside to use it so that I know it works properly.

Loose wires on set shouldn't be a problem for us as we're not using anything that should include wires. We are simply using a Tripod and Canon camera to film. If these were to get knocked over on set, this would be a high risk. Therefore, to avoid this I will be making sure to keep the tripod stable with the camera on top of the tripod, therefore it will be safe on the tripod. I will also keep my attention to the equipment at all times to make sure no harm comes to it during the filming process.
There's also the risk that public may walk in shots, therefore to solve this we will be filming early in the morning to try and avoid these situations so much.

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