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Three characters we use in our storyline are based on people in real life, however our storyline is not based upon the whole truth of an event that happened. Though, there are some parts in our story that are taken from particular events. Due to this I will firstly have to inform you about the background of the people before I begin. 

We based our main character upon a real life psychopath, called Sharon Carr. Sharon Carr was the first youngest killer in Britian, who murdered a girl called Katie Racliffe at the age of 12. The police found out about her murder due to the diary she kept that had worrying sketches in which lead them to putting Sharon Carr in Broadmoor mental institution. Sharon Carr murdered her first victim in 1992,which was when John Major was prime minister of the United Kingdom.

At this time, John major was having an affair, and the only person who knew of this was a man called Tony Newton who worked for him. John Major entrusted Tony Newton to keep his secret, which he did. Tony Newton, John Major, Sharon Carr and Katie Racliffe all feature in our storyline, however in real life they are not all linked to eachother.   

In our storyline Sharon Carr sees John Major having an affair with another woman, she sees this outside a hotel room that she is staying in with her family. Due to the fact Sharon wants to be a news reporter she spies on the two lovers and takes pictures of them together, writing about them together.

Whilst spying on John Major and his mistress she overhears John Major tell a worker (Tony Newton) that he must not tell anyone about this affair he is having, otherwise he would be fired. Therefore Tony Newton has to keep quiet as he has a strong fear of losing his job. Sharon Carr notes this own in her diary and writes also about how Tony Newton seemed distressed over the prospect of losing his job if anyone finds out.

Tony Newton is a psychopath in this storyline and has schizophrenia, therefore, due to his paranoia he becomes increasingly worried about this affair and is on the edge constantly. Sharon Carr is aged 12 in this storyline which links back to real life as the psychopath she was based on was also aged 12.

Sharon Carr brings along her friend Katie Racliffe so they can spy on the Prime minister (John Major) together. However, while they are spying, Tony Newton sees them and runs after the two while they shout and scream. Due to the screaming, Tony puts his hand over Katies mouth hysterically trying to stop her from screaming, however in the process of doing this he kills Katie. He kills Katie due to his paranoia and schizophrenia that was getting increasingly worse as mentioned earlier.

Sharon Carr runs away as she is scared of this man who is coming after her to stop her from spilling the secret, however, Tony Newton has a better plan. Tony Newton tells the prime minister that there has been a killing of a little girl named Katie Racliffe, telling the prime minister that it was Sharon Carr who committed this murder. Due to this, they call the police, and Sharon Carr is taken to a mental institution.

Sharon Carr manages to run away from this mental institution at the age of 18, which is where the opening scene of our movie starts, as you will see her in an alley way which is where she runs to once she has escaped. She ran away in order to retrieve her diary that she wrote in when she was 12. She wants to retrieve this as it has pictures of John Major in and his lover together, but more importantly, it has notes about Tony being told that he must keep this affair secret otherwise if anyone finds out he will be fired. In the story, Sharon Carr manages to find her diary which in turn proves her innocence, and Tony Newton gets put in a mental institution for his crime.

Our characters cant be named after people in real life due to evading their privacy, therefore we have made the main characters name Anna Dylan, we have also changed the name of Thomas Newton to Richard Grayson, the girl who died we also changed the name of, we changed her name to Lily Piper. Finally, we changed the name of the prime minister to Edward Sawyer. 
Simplified version:
Anna Dylan was accused of the murder of Lily Piper, and due to this she got placed in a mental institution. However, she had a diary that can prove her innocence, and that she didn't actually kill Lily Piper, she was just framed with the murder by Richard Grayson who really killed her. Therefore she ran away from the mental institution to get her diary to show the police the evidence that shows she is innocent.
This storyline is based loosely on events in real life such as the killing of Katie Racliffe by Sharon Carr. Our character is based upon Sharon Carr as she is a real life psychopath. It also uses the idea of John Majors affair.

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