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Institutions research

Eon Productions
Founded: 1961

Eon productions which stands for Everything Or Nothing, is owned by MGM a major film company. This company is based in London Piccadilly, and also operates from Pinewood studios in the United Kingdom. This particular production company is well known for creating the James Bond series, with Danjaq. Due to the production company being most well known for the Bond series, they are more likely to produce action films rather than psychological thrillers. However, psychological thrillers include a lot of action which might appeal to them if they were to distribute our film.

Eon Productions and Dajaq productions produced a well known movie together called Skyfall, a James Bond movie. This movie earned £620 million at the box office, and on opening weekend it got $80.6 million, doing better than any other previous bond films. This movie made a massive $951 million worldwide, having a budget of $200,000,000 meant that Eon Productions and Dajaq was able to produce a great movie.

However, Eon Productions isn’t as big as Century Fox, therefore they could not produce their film alone, and had to use other people to distribute their film such as: Columbia Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

There are six very well known film institutions, which include: Warner Bros, Paramount studios, Song pictures, Walt Disney pictures,  Universal Pictures and finally,20thCentury Fox. These six insititutons are very important as they provide money for films to be made, therefore without them small film companies wouldn’t be able to have enough money to make a decent film. There is an issue with film insitituions funding a film, which is that they are likely to want to have complete control over the movie.

Warner Bros
Founded: 1903

It was formed by three brothers and was one of the first ever production companies to make films with dialogue in. Warner Bros are good as they have created a very wide range of movies, from Harry Potter to Slumdog Millionaire. This institution is known for creating movies with a high budget, in order to make a lot of money. Their films are global and therefore they must appeal to a wide range of audiences, which is why they create films of many different genres such as:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 co-production with Heyday Films

Yogi Bear, co-production with Sunswept Entertainment, De Line Pictures and Rhythm and Hues Studios

The Rite - distribution only, produced by New Line Cinema and Tribeca Productions

Unknown- co-production with Dark Castle Entertainment and Studio Babelsberg

Hall Pass - distribution only, produced by New Line Cinema and Conundrum Entertainment

Red Riding Hood co-production with Appian Way Productions

Sucker Punch co-production with Legendary Pictures and Cruel and Unusual Films

Paramount Studios

Paramount Studios is another major production company who was founded in 1916. Paramount is one of the oldest film institutions. Steven Spielberg is a partner with Paramount and is well known due to being one of the leading film directors in Hollywood, and he has been a major contributor to Paramount’s success. Paramount is not only one of the biggest film institutions, but is also one of the biggest earning companies. They make a wide range of genres of films, similar to Warner Bros, such as: 'War of the Worlds', 'Mission Impossible', 'Shutter Island', 'Paranormal Activity'.

Sony Pictures Sony pictures is another well-known film institution , it owns Columbia Pictures, which is a much more well known company which is why it is so big. They also own Tristar Pictures which is less well known, but still widely appreciated by many people. Due to people knowing them for their gaming and electronic products, people trust them, and therefore even though they aren’t as well known, many people still see their movies as they know of their other products. For example, they also advertise their films through their gaming products such as the ps4. Examples of films by Sony Pictures: Spiderman, Hancock, The social network, Men in black.

Walt Disney Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures is a media conglomerateone as it sells toys, creates books, makes films and also has its own theme park. It is also the most famous out of all six, due to people knowing the production company as they watched their films growing up. Walt Disney Pictures are commonly known for children/family movies as animations and cartoons. However, this company have also started to make different genres of films such as Pirates Of The Caribbean which is an action movie,this allows them to reach out to a wider variety of audience such as teenagers and adults. Some of the well known institutions they own are Pixar and Marvel. Pixar and Marvel both concentrate on the quality of the film rather than how many they make, making them as exciting as possible. This entices a large audience as they wait for their next movie to come out as they know it will only be as great as the last. Some films they have created: Finding Nemo, Pirates Of The Carribean, Tangled, Thor, Bambi.
20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox, is another well-known institution, although it started a later than other major film companies. This particular institution is owned by a news corporation, this helps them get publicity as their name is well known for other things as well. As they are owned by a news corporation, it means that they get their money largely from other projects instead of just films, similar to Sony. They also own a television channel the same as Disney, they have even started to make some of their shows into movies, for example The Simpsons Movie. They create movies of different genres like many other of the most well known institutions, for example: Star wars, Die hard, Titanic, X-Men, Marley And Me, Alien.

Universal Pictures

 Finally, Universal Pictures which is another of the major 6 institutions. This particular company also runs different projects such as theme parks around America, which they use to promote their business, like Disney World does. Like many other film companies, they produce a large range of different genres, to appeal to a wider audience. Similar to Warner Bros and Paramount, they are also in it for the money by appealing to a large number of people. However, they are able to achieve bringing out very successful movies such as: Jaws, King Kong, Despicable me, Mamma Mia!. 

The film institution that is most likely to produce our film would be a film company that produces lots of different movies such as Universal and Paramount. However, due to them being so big, they would want to change parts of our storyline to make it more of a film that would sell. Therefore, I would instead like Warner Bros to be the one to produce our film as they produced Harry Potter which is one of my favourite films. I also know from research from my own interest that the writer of the Harry Potter books, J.K Rowling had a bit part in the production of the films, being able to choose actors to play the characters and also being able to decide what scenes should be included and what scenes shouldn’t. 

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