Friday, 14 February 2014

Audience feedback to viewing our film

Video version:

The first time I chose to show our film was when I were still developing and editing our film, our film at this point was one minute long. I decided to show a group of students within our class the footage we had at this time in editing as we will still be able to make the changes and developments that they suggest. I thought this was a good idea as if I showed the film to the class once it was finished, they might give me criticism, and if they gave us criticism we might not be able to change it as it's too close to our deadline to develop the film.


1) Difference between shots

One student pointed out that it was hard to tell the difference between the flashback shots and the present day shots  even with the voice overs in. Another mentioned that the flashbacks are too similar to the shots in the present as they are both running or pacing shots. To make them different I have decided to change some of the flashback shots to still, close-up shots. This way you can tell the difference between the present day and flashback shots as one will be still and the other will be action and pacing.

2) Starting shot

A student thought that our starting shot was confusing as that's the first thing you see. This was confusing to the audience as there was no scene setting at the beginning, therefore you don't know where she is, who she is, and what she looks like. This is an issue as if the audience are spending their time wondering these things they wont be focusing on the text she is sending as they are too busy wondering who she is. To change this we have decided to add a scene establishing shot of her walking to the graffiti wall and then taking our her phone, this then answers the question of where she is and what she looks like.

3) Voice over

I also haven't yet put on the voiceovers so it was hard for the audience to understand what was going on. Therefore, I decided to show them the script so that they could see what would be said in the voiceovers, therefore it would make more sense to them what's going on. To sort out this problem, we will properly write up the script and start recording the voiceovers earlier than we first decided.

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