Friday, 14 February 2014

Looper opening scene

Looper opening scene clip:

This opening scene clip that I found was only 52 seconds long, however I have seen this whole film and thoroughly enjoyed it as it's complex and captivating.  When it jumps from one shot to another you find yourself intrigued.

The first thing you see is the title sequence, the title sequence is in plain black and white, this simplicity differs from the complexity of the film as the film alone is hard to follow. "Endgame Entertainment Presents" is the first title that is written, and afterwards is the title "In association with DMG Entertainment" this is also in black and white, again very simplistic. I personally believe that this title sequence is short as this film is about time, and therefore the shot title sequence is used to show that time is also short, therefore, so is the titles.

As soon as you get the first shot, it is a close-up of a pocket watch. The person that is holding the pocket watch opens it to look at the time. This shot is thoroughly important as it immediately shows you the most important aspect of a film which is time, similar to ours which shows the phone which is one of the most important aspects of our film as it foreshadows something happening later on in the film. As soon as you see the pocket watch and as soon as the shot begins, you hear a ticking noise, this is diegetic sound that is used to add emphasis on certain noises to either add tension or to make the audience aware of something. In this case, it is to make the audience aware of the pocket watch. The pocket watch is the enigma code as you aren't quite sure what it is to do with the film, however you know it is important as it's the first shot you see.

The next shot after this is a medium shot of the characters face, here you see what the character looks like and also behind him, you can see part of the scenery which gives the audience an idea of where he is.  He is also speaking words of a different language when you first see him, showing that he might be learning a new language for a reason that the audience are unsure of.

You then see a panning shot that moves so it's behind the character, this particular shot lets you stay in the moment of listening to the character while also being shown the location he is in. He then begins to get up and you see him pick up a gun, this is strange as you wouldn't expect someone to have a gun in an area like this as it's seems a peaceful place. The character stands up and aims his gun at the mat before him, this makes you realise that when he was looking at his pocket watch earlier that he must have been waiting for someone to turn up.

Suddenly, a man turns up with a bag over his head with his hands tied together. This mans face cannot be seen, which poses the question of "who is he?" however, we assume the man he has just killed was bad as the main character is likely to be a protagonist. As soon as the man with the bag over his head arrives, he screams as if he already knows what's going to happen. Next a gun is fired this is diegetic sound as they make the gunshot louder in order to scare he audience and add emphasis on the gun.

The main character then strolls up to the man and puts the gun down, the casual way in which this is done makes him seem as if he does this type of shooting all the time, as if it was part of his everyday routine.

Then the title of the film is shown which is "Looper".  The title sequence was done by looping the two 'O's' together, this is clever as the film is called Looper and the O's are looped connecting them  together. This is different from the first two titles which at the beginning are short representing time being short, however this one uses a loop on the O's which is similar to the infinity symbol which signifies something going on forever. The title sequence is again in black and white which is plain. Because the title is plain however it allows you to focus on the bold words which stand out to you, these being the only things that capture your attention.

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